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PrepaidGiftBalance Official Website to check your gift card account balance. Also, is the name of the service. With the secured internet facilities nowadays, it is easy to check balances for important credit and debit cards. There are many users who invest and receive Prepaid Gift cards from the different stores out there.

The only thing is, you are not sure what remains of it after using some. We are going to use this post on PrepaidGiftBalance – Check Your Gift Card Account Balance to express the same in a better way. All the members who enroll or receive the Prepaid Gift Card can easily check their balance by visiting the online portal website.

It is specially designed and intended for this purpose. We will guide you through the steps to check the Prepaid Gift Balance for your card easily.

Prepaid Gift Balance or Give Comments

Simply go through this post and understand the aspects of this process that will eventually lead to the steps of the procedure.

About Prepaidgiftbalance

About Prepaid Gift Balance

These days, it is quite normal to carry cards instead of having cash on hand. It is safer and yet even if the user loses the card, then, they can request for cancellation of the card. Just like many stores, Kroger also provides its users with a Prepaid Gift Card Balance that the users can use elsewhere. Most of the times, the users tend to spend it on paying the extra bucks when they are out of change.

Whilst they use the card, there are times that the user cannot keep account of spendings easily. Hence, for this reason, they need to check on the Prepaid Gift Balance that remains. Well, thankfully, there is a simpler way to do this. The user can check their balance from home itself. Move on to the next section where you will learn the steps to carry out the Prepaid Gift Balance check procedure.

Prepaid Gift Balance check

Steps to access PrepaidGiftBalance Portal

It is important to note that the procedure we are going to discuss here is for US residents only.  There is a portal that the users can access in order to check their balance. This is the website; using which you can easily find your remaining balance details.

Follow the steps listed below to go about this procedure;

  • Firstly, when you receive your Gift card from the store, you will have to activate it.
  • In order to do that, you need to access the official portal of Prepaid Gift Balance. You will see that there is a 16-digit code that you need to enter for activating your card. Complete the process so that your card is valid for use.
  • Once you have made payments using your card, you can check what balance remains in it.
  • For this, you must reach out to the portal. Use the link to directly reach there from this post.
  • When the portal loads, you will be able to enter the card number and your PIN. The process is as simple as using a credit or debit card.
  • Enter the details and finally input the security code/captcha code on the screen.
  • The system will load the servers and display the remaining balance for your card.
  • You will also be able to check the limit amount to your card use. The card will not be in use for a sum greater than the remaining balance.
  • Finally, you can log out of the system using the appropriate tab there.

This is how users can easily check their Prepaid Gift Card Balance through the online portal. There are few important points that each user must make sure they abide by them. We have listed out the points in the next section of this post.

important points of Prepaid Gift Card Balance

Key Points & Features of Prepaid Gift Card Balance

There are some features and important points that govern the use of Prepaid Gift Balance use. Go through these pointers given below to elaborate the same to you;

  • If the customers are returning customers, then the user of the card will have to provide the card number or the 16 digit code to the authorities.
  • It is important to submit the code even for registration purpose of the user and card itself. This is explained in the above section.
  • There’s a limit of prepaid balance that the users can make purchases or payments with. Mostly the cards apply to petty payments.
  • Users are allowed to use the card for as many times as they want, provided that there is a remaining balance.
  • The Gift cards are not credit or debit cards and cannot be used as the same. Some people are misled by the fact that there is an account number and a PIN to operate the cards, so it can be used as credit cards. But unfortunately, it’s not so.
  • Users can make use of the Gift cards anywhere in the United States including State of Hawaii and Alaska.
  • The card limit is often printed as a denotation of the type of card. For example, $20, $25, $50 or so.
  • The term Gift Card is provided because the users can transfer the same to other users as a gift. These cards do good for teen’s birthdays or other occasions. The use of the card can extend depending on the number of people in access to the card and the PIN.
  • Additionally, the users should not use the cards at Fuel pumps. There is no authorization for this kind of payment to take place as of yet.
  • If the card remains inactive for a period of 12 consecutive months then an inactivity fee of $2.00 will be deducted from the card balance.
  • If the card is stolen and the users want a replacement than they need to pay the fee of $5.95 to the respective bank.

Well, folks! These are the major points that will help you maintain the safe and convenient use of the PrepaidGiftBalance cards. If there is any issue regarding the cards, you can also get help from their helpline services. Users can dial 1-888-853-9536 to reach out for help through the voice system.

Finally, we wish to conclude this post here. We thank you for patiently going through the details of “PrepaidGiftBalance – Check Your Gift Card Account Balance” here. To reach us for suggestions or queries, contact here.

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