About Us

PrepaidGiftBalance cardholders have access to their credit card balance and can easily manage their account on the PrepaidGiftBalance site. The site is completely secure and is available to cardholders 24/7. Each account has several built-in features that allow users to do much more than verify their account balance. Users can create an account or simply enter the card number on the homepage and easily view the balance.

About Prepaidgiftbalance

Please note that we never request (unless otherwise specified for a specific product or service) confidential information from your bank (for example, social security number, personal identification, password, PIN or account number). If you receive an email requesting confidential information, suspect the request and contact us immediately to report suspicious activities.

In addition, we protect customers from any responsibility for unauthorized online transactions. Certain conditions and restrictions may apply. For more information, see the Electronic Banking Agreement section of the Deposit Account Agreement and the Unauthorized Transaction Reports section of the Online and Mobile Financial Services Agreement.