Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this guide, we have provided some of the most frequently asked questions about PrepaidGiftBalance.

What is PrepaidGiftBalance?

Answer: PrepaidGiftBalance is a gift card that contains money. Each time you use this card for a purchase or other event, the amount of the card will change accordingly.

Can anyone use this card?

Answer: Yes, everyone can use this card safely.

Where it’s not allowed to use PrepaidGiftBalance Card?

Answer: This card cannot be used abroad. It also cannot be used for mail or phone orders.

Is there age restrictions on gift card purchase?

Answer: You must be at least 12 years old to use this card.

What does “debit” mean?

Answer: This is just a standard protocol that was introduced in 2004. It doesn’t matter if the card is debit, you can select “Credit” and then make transactions with this card.

Can this card be used abroad?

Answer: You cannot use this card abroad. It can only be used in the United States.

My card has been stolen. What should I do

Answer: If it is lost or stolen, call 888.853.9536. The active agent will ask you to replace your card. Note that there is a nominal fee of $ 5 for card replacement. It takes about 10 days to change the card. You must be a registered user of PrepaidGiftBalance. If you are not a registered user, the card cannot be replaced.

We hope that we are able to answer most of the queries which are generally asked by many people all over the world. If you have some more questions please don’t hesitate in asking it here so that we can solve the problem as soon as possible.