Customer Support

PrepaidGiftBalance makes life easier by helping you access all your cards in one place. Nowadays, when buying, people prefer cards instead of cash, and rightly so. The website is always more convenient and secure. In addition, with card payment, you get important discounts and premiums.

PrepaidGiftBalance has efficient customer service. They always strive to satisfy the calm of their customers.

Need help?

If you need help, contact Customer Service 24/7. You can reach them simply by calling 1-888725-0099.

Do you want to check the transaction history?

Simply enter the card number in the upper right corner of the page. Transaction history is displayed on the screen.

Accumulate points:

You can check the balance of your points by entering the card number in the upper right corner of the card. In addition, you can call Customer Service at 888.853.9536 to obtain valuable credit points.

For help with your savings accounts, Internet banking, agribusiness, personal loans, etc. call us at 888.853.9536.